Since our founding on Motherโ€™s Day in the year 2012, Favoured Child Foundation has taken a stand for orphaned children. Today there are Millions of children without a home and a family around the world which is unacceptable. Ask any child and they will tell you that their biggest dream is to be part of a loving family โ€” itโ€™s where they thrive. Our โ€œChild Firstโ€ approach is multi-faceted, collaborative and community-based:

More than 80% of children living in institutions have a living parent. We make every effort to reunite these children with their birth family, if possible.

For abandoned children without family โ€” our measurable, systematic method ensures that children are loved, educated, healthy and safe until they transition to a permanent family.

We actively collaborate with governments, other non-profits and local family-strengthening organizations to transform systems and give children a voice.


Children belong in families. Our model of care equips the local church to come alongside families, empowering them to provide wholistic care to orphaned and vulnerable children.


Empower orphans to reach their full potential through family-based care and powerful communities. Our donors from around the world are making miracles for children. Join us